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12 September 2008 @ 05:44 pm
Tutorial #1  
This is my first tutorial :] Made in PS7 with curves. Non-translatable
Before: Photobucket After: Photobucket
1. First duplicate your base two times [should have three of the same image]. Set the TOP layer to screen. And Merge it down with your other duplicate. Now use they eyeball and hide the layer you just merged. [looks like this]

2. Add this texture below the hidden layer and set it to multiply
Then erase or mask [I like to mask instead of erase just in case] the part of the texture that covers the face.

3. Make the top layer [the one in the first step] visible again and set it to color.

4. Download this curve set it to soft light.

5. Download this curve and set it to soft light

6. Take this texture set it to soft light and erase or mask the hard edges that cover the face
so it should look like this so far

7. Take this texture
set it to screen with an opacity of about 60% or so erase/mask if needed.
*You can stop here if you want! Looks like this

8. Now merge all and copy + paste it onto a new document.
[[[Or if you don't like to merge thing, go to Select>All [Ctrl + a], then go to Edit>Copy Merged [Shift + Ctrl + C] then paste onto a NEW document.]]]

9. Then resize it to 40x40 or whatever you want. Desaturate it a bit [Ctrl + u. I used -25]. Paste the resized image onto your original.

10. Duplicate it the smaller image and move it to the left [or wherever you prefer]. Desaturate it even more! [I desaturated it completely -100]

11. Save and you're done!

PSD if you want to see it step by step

+ Comments are nice! I want to know how I did, I'll keep making them if people find it helpful. If I you didn't understand a step please let me know!
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heartagram_lalaheartagram_lala on September 13th, 2008 08:08 am (UTC)
gorjuz, snagged the psd to play with, thanks